The Best Authentic Italian Desserts in Greensburg, Irwin, & Jeannette, PA

Made to Order Trays of the Finest Desserts and Pastries

As the area’s leading authentic Italian dessert provider, we are delighted to offer full pastry and dessert trays to customers in Jeannette, Greensburg, Irwin, North Huntingdon, and the surrounding areas. From a complete line of miniature pastries to virtually any dessert imaginable, choosing a custom platter of the area’s finest treats is an experience in and of itself. For dinner parties, benefits, birthday celebrations, and any other type of event, contact the dedicated artisans at Biscotti Brothers Bakery in DeLallo’s Italian Market and order your custom-made dessert or pastry tray today!

Devoted to Creating the Most Delicious Italian Desserts in Jeannette, PA

Our Italian pastries and dessert trays have been a local staple in the area for years, due to our dedication to providing every customer with the most delectable desserts and pastries available. We devote ourselves to creating the most delicious and eye-pleasing trays of desserts for any occasion, as well as the most authentic Italian pastries in Jeannette, PA, as well as Greensburg, Irwin, and nearby areas.. Using original recipes and an extreme attention to detail, our professional bakers are able to provide satisfaction and delight with every purchase.
Biscotti Brothers Bakery offers Italian specialty desserts in Jeannette, PA

We Turn Every Treat Into A Delicacy!

When it comes to mouthwatering pastries and decadent desserts, the Biscotti Brothers Bakery offers it all. From chocolate dipped cannolis and cream puffs to pizzelle and a full line of miniature pastries, we turn every treat into a delicacy. For over 25 years, we have been perfecting each of our recipes to ensure the height of satisfaction with every bite, so stop by our bakery or call to order your pastry or dessert tray today! We also offer professionally designed cakes and other desserts for special occasions and more, so take a look at our cakes and pies page to learn more.
Biscotti Brothers Bakery offers a variety of Italian specialty pastries in Jeannette, PA
Chocolate Dipped = $7.98/dozen
Lobster Tail
Cream Puffs
Apricot, Nut, & Poppy Seed Rolls = $11.99
Full Line of Miniature Pastries
Custom Pastry Trays Made to Order
Pizzelle = $3.98
*Prices subject to change.