Delicious, Authentic Italian Desserts Jeannette, PA

Italian Desserts, Biscotti, Cookies, Granotti, Pizzelle, and More

Biscotti Brothers Bakery in Jeannette, PA, is an Italian specialty bakery that has been serving the area with the most delicious authentic Italian desserts available. We proudly serve customers from Irwin, Greensburg, and many other areas throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. From biscotti to pastries, cookies, granotti, pizzelle, and more, Biscotti Brothers offer the finest, freshly made Italian baked goods possible. Using the finest ingredients, we bake all of our products right here in the DeLallo Italian Marketplace. Because our desserts are always made from scratch, we have no need to use preservatives, GMOs, artificial flavoring or any other ingredient that would diminish the quality of our finely made products. Biscotti Brothers traditional Italian cookies and pastries are made daily to ensure freshness and the most savory flavor possible.
Biscotti Brothers Bakery offers biscotti, pastries, granotti, pizzelle and more in Jeannette, PA
Biscotti Brothers Bakery has been baking in Jeannette, PA since 1990

The Most Delicious Organic Snacks in DeLallo’s Italian Marketplace

Since 1990, Biscotti Brothers Bakery chefs and artisans have been baking the area’s best authentic Italian cookies. Maintaining the artisanal integrity of our biscotti is of the utmost importance; we use organic ingredients and bake our cookies fresh every day. The word “biscotto” literally translates to “twice cooked” in Italian, and Biscotti Brothers faithfully follow the perfect biscotti recipe for every batch, every time. Our biscotti, granotti, pizzelle, and many other baked desserts are perfect for any occasion, including weddings, dinners, or even simply with your morning coffee. Our 100% whole grain granotti is not only packed with antioxidants and other nutrition, it is also full of flavor and always makes for one of the tastiest, healthiest snacks available.

Quality Baked Goods for Greensburg, Irwin, & Surrounding Areas of PA

Located in the DeLallo Italian Marketplace in Jeannette, PA, Biscotti Brothers Bakery provides the best quality Italian baked goods and desserts to a wide area, including all of Jeannette, Greensburg, Irwin, North Huntingdon, and the surrounding areas. For anyone searching for the best freshly baked biscotti, whole-grain granotti, and other all-natural authentic Italian pastries and desserts, Biscotti Brothers is the ideal choice for Southwestern PA. To order your cake or dessert tray, contact us today!